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I forget why I arrived at the Wikipedia entry for “Commonplace book”. I think it had something to do with a potential character name I was researching*. However it happened, I am glad I did because this is a new idea to me, despite having some very well-known authors listed. It also perfectly captures what this blog is slowly becoming throughout this year’s Blaugust event.

When I started blogging, my focus was on videogames and MMORPGs more specifically. Over time, I drifted away from that focus, but I still have this idea in my head that in order to capture a target audience I need to focus my content.

That’s probably true, but as I have said before, that’s not really why I am writing any of this.  And not that I needed the justification of a pre-established literary genre I had not heard of but I feel renewed and reinvigorated to share things with you in bits and pieces, as I go, and often as I think of them now that I know “this is a thing”.

Henceforth, this is now my “commonplace blog” with a little journaling mixed in as needed and reviews whenever I feel the need.

Let’s see how I write when I don’t limit myself to 800+ words at a time …

* I remembered at the very end of writing the above how I came to the idea of Commonplace books. I was researching French names for a Nightborne character in World of Warcraft and started reading about Montaigne, the Frenchman who popularized the essay.


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  1. I sometimes feel that my blog is turning into some sort of journal. I sometimes stop myself from pursuing certain subjects, as they may be a little “too negative” or simply too specific to my life and not “interesting” enough. But then I temper such thoughts, because the most popular podcast I have recorded so far was about Bacon and Eggs, so go figure.

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  2. When I “>started Planet Pasduil I intended to be in part a commonplace blog. It was never going to be exactly what Wikipedia defines as a Commonplace Book because it wasn’t only going to be collecting snippets for myself, but also eclectic posts on anything and everything that I felt like writing about for the world at large.

    Maybe I’ll revive it with a greater focus on the commonplace blog aspect.


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