I Played Wolcen

I realize in writing this review of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem that I am evenly split in my regards to the game. On one hand, it is by far the most successful Action RPG for me personally. I have tried (and failed to enjoy) genre titans like Diablo, Torchlight, and Titan Quest. Wolcen is the … Continue reading I Played Wolcen

Timespinner (PC, 2018)

I don't have a lot to say about Timespinner except that it was fun enough. I kickstarted the game on a whim back when kickstarters still seemed like good ideas. I finally got around to playing it and breezed through. I found the game to be more interestingly, narratively-speaking, then in how it played. It … Continue reading Timespinner (PC, 2018)

I am the Moon Lord!

In my desperate, post-Slay the Spire doldrums, I decided to go back to Terraria, another game I’ve spent hundreds of hours on already. The last time I played, I tried to get to the Moon Lord and failed miserably. Details are poorly stored in my memory banks, but I think it was a mix of … Continue reading I am the Moon Lord!

Dungeons & Dragons (& Dinner)

Well, it finally happened: I am a Dungeon Master running a D&D campaign. In addition to our regularly scheduled weekly game, we decided to start an irregularly scheduled side campaign (mostly to fill-in when our other party member is unavailable). The sister's boyfriend is the DM of our primary campaign (and has been for a … Continue reading Dungeons & Dragons (& Dinner)

Slain the Spire

After 970 hours, I have slain the spire and achieved everything. I previously wrote about Slay the Spire for GameSpace (thanks again, Bill) two years ago. I loved it then, and that love  never stopped. I am not an achievement-seeker or a completionist at heart. However, I never mind doing either as a side effect … Continue reading Slain the Spire

A Brief Journey in World of Warcraft Classic

Few genres are as nostalgic for me as the MMORPG. While EverQuest and Ultima Online remind me of summer, I strongly associate World of Warcraft with Christmas break. In a bid to recapture some of that glory, I felt a bit weak during the holidays and resubbed so I could try out WoW Classic for … Continue reading A Brief Journey in World of Warcraft Classic

Vagrant Story, 20 Years Later

There are a few facts about me that you must know before this article makes sense: Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT) is one of my favorite games of all time. Anything even tangentially-related to FFT is instantly of interest to me. In and around the year 2000, I was a Squaresoft fanboy, and I bought almost … Continue reading Vagrant Story, 20 Years Later

Dropped Games (December 2019)

Time is precious. When it comes to playing video games, there are too many to waste time on any I am not enjoying. Each month, my backlog has a few casualties - games I consider “dropped” - where I’ve put in enough time or made the realization that I am not having fun. In December, … Continue reading Dropped Games (December 2019)

Two More Finished: Sayonara Wild Hearts & Celeste

If you haven’t already seen my Year 2019 in Review post, check it out here. Since writing and publishing it, I had a little extra time off, and managed to finish two more games: Sayonara Wild Hearts and Celeste. Sayonara Wild Hearts (Switch, 2019) Sayonara Wild Hearts is a difficult game to classify. Rather than … Continue reading Two More Finished: Sayonara Wild Hearts & Celeste

My 2019 in Gaming

After seeing Belghast (Tales of the Aggronaut) do it, at the beginning of the year, I created a spreadsheet to help me keep track of all the games I played. Here are the categories I landed on: Own - Easy enough: games I own (and intend to play) but haven't played yet. Playing - Games … Continue reading My 2019 in Gaming