My Top 3 Games of the Year

It has been a little while since I wrote a video game post or a list. Here's my top three I played this year: #3: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Marvel's Spider-Man had me hyped from day one, but the game delivered more than I had expected. I even went as far as getting the platinum trophy. … Continue reading My Top 3 Games of the Year

Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spoilers Only (PS4, 2018)

If you want me spoiler-free post about Spider-Man on Playstation 4, click here. Otherwise continue on for a spoiler-filled take on the game. SPOILERS AHEAD! While I read Spider-Man comics as a kid, my biggest exposure to the character were the cartoons. That includes the late 1960s version which I watched on rented VHS tapes … Continue reading Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spoilers Only (PS4, 2018)

Marvel’s Spider-Man, 100% Complete (PS4, 2018)

I preordered Spider-Man late last year, but it was less because of hype and more because of necessity. Target was running their annual Buy 2, Get 1 video game sale and it applied to preorders as well. I decided to get God of War (for me), Kingdom Hearts 3 (for Diane), and I needed a … Continue reading Marvel’s Spider-Man, 100% Complete (PS4, 2018)