Arthur, Ratburn, & A Less Sweet Home

I don't normally do these kinds of "angry letters", but this one hit close to home and by close, I mean it hit my actual house. Without redaction, I present to you the email I just sent to the director of programmer at Alabama Public Television regarding his station's refusal to air a gay rat … Continue reading Arthur, Ratburn, & A Less Sweet Home

How Google Stadia Could Have Won Me Over

For this opinion piece, let’s start with the necessary disclosures: I consider myself a Google fanboy: I have owned/continue to own multiple Pixel devices, I am exclusively an Android user when it comes to phones, I have a Google Home product in every room of my apartment, and I even recently added Google Wi-Fi. I … Continue reading How Google Stadia Could Have Won Me Over

Sorry For the Break

I apologize for the lack of posts over the last month. I know, I know! "You don't owe us anything" and, in truth, views since returning were never that high anyway. Still, when life carries you in one direction, sometimes things like hobbies get tabled, but that does not mean your intent goes away. I … Continue reading Sorry For the Break

Thoughts On My New OnePlus 6T

After much back and forth arguing with myself over whether to get a OnePlus 6T or something else, I finally gave in and purchased the phone direct from OnePlus. Twitter friend Marc asked what I thought so far: Everything and anything. Don't tell anyone but there are a few mobile games I wouldn't mind palying, … Continue reading Thoughts On My New OnePlus 6T


Apologies for my delay in a new post! After posting every day for Blaugust and my recent change in positions at work, I needed a vacation from everything. That said, let’s talk about my vacation to New Orleans. Neither Diane nor I had ever been the New Orleans, despite not living very far away. I … Continue reading N-O-L-A NOLA, No No No No NOLA

New Orleans Bound

The last day of Blaugust and the first day of vacation. For the first time ever, Diane and I are visiting the Big Easy, New Orleans. And I am excited! My father always fashioned himself as something of a Cajun, so growing up I ate a lot of gumbo and similar faire. This is our … Continue reading New Orleans Bound

Writing on a phone

We are at dad's this weekend for his birthday. No internet here, so I am writing this on my phone as it switches back and forth between LTE and 3G. I feel like I am texting the internet. It is fun going home on occasion. Dad decided he still wanted to cook instead of going … Continue reading Writing on a phone

Blaugust Regrets

My biggest regret of this Blaugust so far has been my inability to participate beyond my own posts. In past blogging events, whether Blaugust or otherwise, I was able to make a real effort to read and comment more. This time, I have been lucky to get anything posted at all some days. I miss … Continue reading Blaugust Regrets

Job Acquired

Some of you were kind of enough to wish me luck a few posts back when I mentioned having an interview. Well, not to leave you hanging, I got the promotion! In truth, it is more a lateral move but there is a slight pay and prestige bump. Furthermore, it is that necessary moment where … Continue reading Job Acquired

Step Goal

This post is part of a series of everyday posts for Blaugust. If you'd like to know more, click here. I really enjoy having a fitness watch. Last November, I bought a Garmin watch and with the exception of showers (despite being waterproof), I never take it off. It felt weird at first but now … Continue reading Step Goal