Trailer Park

Life intervened today, so I wasn’t able to finish and review the movie I intended. To keep with the theme (and maintain my post spree), I thought I would share some trailers I have seen recently that have my interest:

Dolemite Is My Name

I am not expert on the blaxploitation genre, but I loved “Black Dynamite” and laugh any time I see trailers for African American films in the 1970’s. I should probably go back and learn more about the genre directly, but I will settle for Eddie Murphy hopefully summoning up his dormant career for a return to when he was funny.

Fisher King

“Fisher King” is obviously not a new film, but it popped up on my radar recently. I was browsing the sales on Amazon and I saw a deal on the Criterion Collection version of the film. I’ve always wanted to own a Criterion version of, well, anything really, so I clicked. I had never heard of it, but after watching the trailer, it instantly went on my “to watch” list.

Last Christmas

Yeah, this looks like the strangest way to make a sequel to “Crazy Rich Asians”, but here we are! Christmas is my favorite holiday and Emilia Clarke without the horrible Game of Thrones hair isn’t far behind. Admittedly, this film looks pretty bad (though strangely with a lot of production value and star power), but Diane and I think she dies in the end and he is a ghost. We’ve committed ourselves (complete with video evidence) to this theory and watching this movie, quality be damned, when it comes out.


This one speaks for itself and by speaks I mean wins you over with beautiful shots. The rest of the film looks good too, but I will be checking this one out for the scenery alone.


Any trailers catch your eyes lately? Let me know!


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