The Fill-In Filmography

I have never purchased anything from Pop Chart before, but I really wanted their Fill-In Filmography the first time I saw it.

You may think that Diane and I watch a lot of movies. We don’t. Outside of this month and our ongoing Warner Brother’s Top 100 Film project, we are lucky if we watching anything else. Truthfully, I prefer watching television series, and she hasn’t watched all of my favorites yet.

That said, I do love watching movies with her. I am glad we’ve made it a fun couple pastime. With the Fill-In Filmography now proudly hanging in our apartment’s entryway, we’ve formalized that pastime.

By the rules of the chart, there are spots to fill-in if you have seen a movie, if you liked it, and if you loved it. We changed the rules up a bit:

  1. None of the liked it/loved it stuff. The bubbles are small and it is hard to tell them apart anyway. We only fill-in for watched it.
  2. Seen it together or not at all. Since I have seen more movies and the few she has seen often differ from mine, it didn’t seem fair to strike-off a bunch of films we’ve seen on our own. The new rule is we must watch it together, even if we have seen it before individual, in order to mark it off.
  3. This is just for fun. We are not racing to complete this thing. 1,500 movies is a lot of movies, and they are not all made equally.

Rules aside, having this chart has been a lot of fun in our short time owning it. We have a small ritual of checking it for something we’ve recently watched or we use it to find something to watch.

Plus, it goes great with all the big movie box sets I bought a few years ago …


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