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This will be a shitpost about the future of World of Warcraft. In it, I wish to compile various thoughts and conversations I have had of late. Read on at your own peril. I am using bullets to highlight the fragmented nature of these ideas and I will also warn you that I do not read quests, books, or typically care at all about lore.

  • Battle for Azeroth needs no “big bad”. It should being an increasing series of one-ups in wartime atrocities. There should be no grey area left.
  • I vote it ends with Dalaran’s Downfall, a raid where the opposing side has overtaken Dalaran, outfitted it with a dangerous amount of azerite, and intend to use it as a nuclear bomb of sorts (regardless of ramifications) on the opposing side’s stronghold.
  • In the raid, neither side wins and the city has to fall somewhere in between which further exacerbates Azeroth’s degradation after the events of Legion.
  • This causes a second cataclysm of sorts, only in a world where there is no banding together, no central governments, and complete chaos. Both the Alliance and Horde fall when their armies and leadership are decimated by the events of Battle for Azeroth.
  • The pre-expansion patch for the follow-up, World of Warcraft: Azeroth Reborn, focuses on this complete breakdown of society.
  • Azeroth Reborn, similar to Cataclysm, rewrites the entire world and catches it up to a current timeline to include Allied Races, etc. Much of the old content can be timewalked to for giggles.
  • The expansion focuses on recruiting opposite faction races and repairing homelands. The player’s are tasked with rebuilding Azeroth in peace, not in war.
  • It would see the effective end of factions and allow all players to coexist.
  • It would also have a massive level crunch, resetting the game to 60 levels and putting players back at 40 to start.
  • Two new enemy factions arise: the New Horde and New Alliance. In addition to fighting one another, they also fight the players and the rest of Azeroth.
  • The expansion ends with a tease for invading Void Lords who have found ways to more easily come to Azeroth through the collective strife, mistrust, and chaos of the post-war era.





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