Job Acquired

Some of you were kind of enough to wish me luck a few posts back when I mentioned having an interview. Well, not to leave you hanging, I got the promotion!

In truth, it is more a lateral move but there is a slight pay and prestige bump. Furthermore, it is that necessary moment where my tasks and duties reset. The latter is really what I wanted/needed.

I am sure many of you can share similar experiences. I am so independent and hyper focused on improving my own position as well as the team at large that over time I soak up a lot of extra jobs and duties that just weren’t being done before me. That’s great and has helped fuel my rapid ascent, but now that I am landing my rocket on a firm plateau it is nice to get a chance to be new again.

I may or may not make the same mistake of doing more than I am tasked to do simply because I see the need. I likely will but at least there will be a new honeymoon period. Now I have two weeks to share all of my knowledge and expertise with everyone else before I take it all with me!

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2 responses to “Job Acquired”

  1. Congrats and well done!

    As you’ve found doing that “extra” stuff will likely be great for your career advancement, so it is not necessarily a mistake. As long as it’s not getting out of hand and impacting other important parts of your life.

    “Sideways” moves can be very helpful as well. You get to understand more of the business, and how everything fits together, which becomes important as you move up.

    Also it can only expand the Murf fanbase! That will be helpful when advancement opportunities come along and discussions are happening about who would be suitable.

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