Blaugust Regrets

My biggest regret of this Blaugust so far has been my inability to participate beyond my own posts. In past blogging events, whether Blaugust or otherwise, I was able to make a real effort to read and comment more. This time, I have been lucky to get anything posted at all some days.

I miss it too. I miss how many of us would link to one another’s posts and comment in our own. I miss the debates about MMO mechanics or other things. I wish my job and other duties didn’t take me so far away.

Not that I have the same energy either. Writing about MMOs bores me. They do not change and no one wants to make them anyway. It would be nice to write about other things that many of you share a passion about but other things inspire less “blogospheric pressure” to reply.

If you would be so kind, please help me out. In the comments below, feel free to link a post from this event you are particularly proud of or, if you are a new blogger looking for someone to read everything, share a link to your blog overall.

I promise I will read everything that is shared!

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3 responses to “Blaugust Regrets”

  1. I have nothing good to share cuz I didn’t participate in blog just as I was away for two weeks of it. However I do share your sentiment that it’s been hard to keep up with so many people posting so many blog posts. In a normal month I’m able to read in and comment frequently on most people’s blogs that I follow but this has been a marathon just to keep up.

    Good news is if I ever have tons of free time I can just go back which is why the written word is great but it’s doubtful that happens and instead I most likely missed out on great content.

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  2. I think there’s a lot less commenting on blogs nowadays all round. That’s a shame as it was the best thing about blogging. I’m certainly commenting a lot less myself, as well as getting far fewer comments on my posts than I used to.

    I think part of it might be that most of us started out with fairly specific shared interests that we all talked about, but now we’ve moved on from those. For example Roger blogs a good deal about movies that I don’t have esp interest in, and I myself haven’t written anything about any MMO during Blaugust.

    Meanwhile if you’re looking for things to read and comment on, I have found this newbie blog to be excellent:

    (Despite the name it’s not all about MMOs, so still worth checking out if you have lost all interest in them!)


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