New Orleans Bound

The last day of Blaugust and the first day of vacation. For the first time ever, Diane and I are visiting the Big Easy, New Orleans. And I am excited! My father always fashioned himself as something of a Cajun, so growing up I ate a lot of gumbo and similar faire. This is our chance to taste the real thing.

I also have intentions of purchasing a hat. Diane won’t allow me a fedora, (no m’ladying for me) but I am hoping to find something else that isn’t a baseball and/or trucker hat. We will see. There’s a fine line between old man and douchebag …

Stay tuned for more about our travels!

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4 responses to “New Orleans Bound”

  1. There was a time when I really wanted a Sherlock Holmes style deerstalker. Luckily for my image I was unable to find one. (What was I even thinking???)

    Good thing you have Diane to keep such ideas from becoming reality! :)

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