Mincing Minions in MMOs

I cannot stand minions or other cosmetic pets in games. I am unsure which MMORPG deserves the blame for first coming up with the idea. I know World of Warcraft deserves much of the blame for popularizing and expanding it, at the very least. Many of you may love them, but I would sincerely pay … Continue reading Mincing Minions in MMOs

Unfinalized Fantasies

I uninstalled Slay the Spire and have free time again! Well, had. After going on a productive run and finishing a few games in January and February, I decided the MMO itch was too string and briefly journeyed back to 1999 on an emulated server for EverQuest. Despite having fun, that only got me wanting … Continue reading Unfinalized Fantasies

/hail %t

I have seen a few discussions pop up on Twitter recently regarding games as social spaces. While I haven’t followed those conversations directly, what I have read makes a lot of sense. If games are social spaces and that’s what draws so many of us to them, then why are MMORPGs, a genre that is … Continue reading /hail %t

My Top 3 Games of the Year

It has been a little while since I wrote a video game post or a list. Here's my top three I played this year: #3: Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Marvel's Spider-Man had me hyped from day one, but the game delivered more than I had expected. I even went as far as getting the platinum trophy. … Continue reading My Top 3 Games of the Year

D&D 5e: Running My First Original Content

It finally happened. With all my character ideas, I finally managed to find the time and energy to turn those creative forces toward original content I could run myself. In doing so I recently ran my second ever one-shot as a Dungeon Master only this time it was wholly original content. I had the idea … Continue reading D&D 5e: Running My First Original Content

On Watch Again in Overwatch

While Blizzcon seemed to be more of a negative than a positive for many this year given the fallout over mobile Diablo, it did inspire a friend and I to get back into Overwatch. I am unsure what the difference is, but I am really enjoying my return. Here’s why: New or Re-imagined Heroes I … Continue reading On Watch Again in Overwatch

More D&D Character Ideas

We still haven’t started a new D&D campaign. I continue to spend the time thinking of new characters to potentially play. Here are a few more: The Psychopomp A psychopomp is a type of spiritual guide. I have always liked the idea, so I wanted to try and create a playable character equivalent. Without making … Continue reading More D&D Character Ideas